Designed with heart and soul

The essence for our designs come from nature, landscapes, the seasons, emotions and soul. With the colours of our gems you can capture your promise, marrying our intricate pieces to create your own unique moments. Choose more than one ring and wear them in different formations. Write your own story on the personal gift card – and you become the designer of your promise.

Your special moment. Between the two of you. A unique reflection of a moment in time that you share.

Our rings will make you feel…

Our pieces are unique and exquisite. Like your unique promise. To be worn as a reminder of your promise. No matter how far apart you and that person are, no matter how far that promise still has to go to be completed, you have a little piece of it on you to remind you.

By keeping our pieces petite, we capture the delicacy of the promise and the moment it was made. Selecting natural gems and colour palettes straight from nature create an organic piece, intertwined with symbols such as hearts, infinity, arrows and other geometric shapes help create a connection.

A promise is more than just a word..

When we promise to love, we make a pledge, a vow, we cross our hearts, it’s eternal.

A promise ring too is a symbol of eternal love, a promise from one lover to another. Worn for centuries on the left-hand ring finger, in mythology connecting the finger to the heart via the ‘vein of love’.

Our promise to you

Tessa Marie helps you tell that special someone the promise you are making to them in a way that words will not. The pieces are created to reflect a promise in a moment. They are a promise captured and a moment remembered every time you look at a Tessa Marie piece. I love the symbol of a ring and sometimes I create pieces that are a promise to myself. Such as a promise to be kind and that way when I see my piece I am reminded.

Kind Regards,

Founder of Tessa Marie.